Which BB cream is best for oily and pimple skin?

Is BB cream good for pimples?

If you have acne-prone skin and need to conceal blemishes, Velve says your skin could benefit from a BB cream. The soothing minerals often found in BB cream formulations are beneficial for treating blemishes.

How do I stop pimples on my face?

There are many things a person can do to prevent pimples and other forms of acne, including:

  1. Wash the face twice daily. …
  2. Refrain from harsh scrubbing. …
  3. Keep hair clean. …
  4. Refrain from popping or picking at pimples. …
  5. Apply topical treatments. …
  6. Consider topical retinoids. …
  7. Talk to a dermatologist about antibiotics.

Is fair and lovely BB cream good for oily skin?

Fair & Lovely BB Cream is little sticky and gives a white matte look on applying, that hides the dark skin spots instantly. … For oily skin types, it is too occlusive and can increase blackheads and pimples for sure. For dry skin type, it doesn’t seem to be a good moisturizer as it gives a dry and matte feel.

Can I use BB cream for oily skin?

Some points you can keep in mind while looking for the best bb cream for oily skin in India are, look for a light-textured bb cream which is made of clay, salicylic acid etc. There are usually the ingredients that work wonders for oily skin, they help you get a matte look and don’t clog pores. … L.A. Girl HD PRO BB Cream.

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Which CC cream is best for oily and acne-prone skin?

The best CC creams for acne-prone skin offer an effective color correction and sheer coverage.

8 Best CC Creams For Acne.

Products Check Price
Gerovital Stop Acnee Mattifying CC Cream Check Price
Hydroxatone Anti-Acne CC Cream Check Price
Rivecowe Correction Convenient CC Cream Check Price
CC Ceutical CC Cream Anti-Acne Check Price