How much does it cost to get a mole map?

Is a mole map free?

Free spot checks with your Full Body MoleMap.

At MoleMap, we offer FREE spot checks of up to three moles within 12 months of having a Full Body MoleMap or Full Body Follow-Up appointment.

How much does mole scan cost?

How much will a skin check cost me? The cost of a standard initial consultation is $100.00. If you hold a concession card, the cost will be $70.00. You will receive a Medicare rebate of $38.20 which we can transmit for you, upon payment.

Are mole maps worth it?

Dermatologists agree that mole mapping can save both lives and money, as it helps specialists to detect deadly melanomas earlier, reducing the need for invasive surgery, expensive cancer treatments and palliative care.

How often should you get a mole map?

There’s a good reason we recommend having a MoleMap every year. That’s because around half of melanomas are new and don’t come from an existing mole1 — however, the earlier we detect something new or changing, the better the outcome.

Is there an app for checking moles?

UMSkinCheck is free mobile application (Apple and Android) intended for skin cancer self exam and surveillance that allows users to complete and store a full body photographic library, track detected moles/lesions, download informational videos and literature and locate a skin cancer specialist.

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Do you have to take your clothes off for a mole check?

Typically, a full skin check is carried out and this takes a few minutes to complete. You will need to remove your clothing so that the dermatologist can clearly see all of the moles present. You may need to remove makeup, and it is important to also remove any nail varnish you have on.

Can a GP check a mole?

It is very reasonable to see your regular GP if you have concerns about a skin lesion.” It may help to ask if the skin cancer doctor or GP you are seeing has had additional training in dermoscopy – a way of assessing moles using a tool called a dermatoscope, which helps visualise features not visible by the naked eye.

Can I send a picture of a mole to a doctor?

You can capture photos of suspicious moles or marks and track them yourself, or send them off to a dermatologist for assessment.

Does insurance cover MoleMap?

The cost of Photo Mole Mapping is not covered by insurance. A fee of $30 for the cost of the images is paid directly to the photographer at the time of the visit.

What age should you get moles checked?

There is no set age for regular skin checks to begin or how often they should occur, said Jenny Nelson, MD, a dermatologist with Avera Medical Group Dermatology Sioux Falls. “I’ve had 20-year-olds who’ve had scary moles,” Nelson said. “There is no universal age.

How do you get a mole mapped?

Visit your sk:n clinic and meet your medical practitioner for a mole map and a one to one consultation, they will: Conduct the mole map/skin cancer screening. A doctor will review the images and look at the moles more closely if required. A doctor will advise where necessary and answer any questions you may have.

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